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ORA by Heidi Skincare

Created by Holistic Facialist, Multidimensional Energy Healer & Botanical Alchemist Heidi Timms. Heidi’s over 20 years of working with the skin and souls energy field have lead to the development of her skincare collection
ORA by Heidi.

Infused with Light Language, Activated Crystals, Organic & Natural Botanicals, Flower Essences & Native New Zealand Extracts, ORA by Heidi's range of self-love rituals & sacred skincare are made with the intention to create a new paradigm in self-care. Each micro batch is infused with the he highest frequencies & hand-blended with love to increase their intended use & its therapeutic benefits & with respect to Mama Earth.

Established in 2013 Heidi saw the need for a truly holistic skincare range whilst working with her clients that not only treated the physical body but also the emotional & energy systems as well. Everything is interconnected as we are made up of pure light energy at our core level, ORA by Heidi's holistic skincare was created to work at that core & cosmic level & not just topically.

 I have created a complete skin program intentionally designed to work synergistically with one another. This means each product works alone but when combined together & especially when blended together they are much more potent. This gives you the ability to be creative, explore & bring more moments of joy & play into your skin therapy experience.

They are sourced & created with a low eco-footprint in mind.

I offer the highest vibrational products by using only the highest quality ingredients that are pure, natural, organic & nutritionally beneficial for your skin & energy centres. Never ever tested on animals only our "human guinea pigs" & always GMO-free, toxin & chemical free for your safety & health & I choose to use Miron glass recyclable packaging for preservation, beauty and ethics.