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Intuitive Energy Reading


In my Intuitive Energy Readings we aim to get to the root of what is causing you to feel stuck, disconnected, trapped, uninspired and to unearth the true reason you have been called to take this journey of discovery for yourself.

My sessions require you to show up as your most vulnerable self in order to shift whatever has kept you stuck from living and being the magnificent magickal being you are destined to be.

I ask for permission from your higher selves and with my guides I tune into your energy field and we uncover layer upon layer of what is going on for you. 

I use a multitude of healing techniques such as Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval Inner Child Work, Shamanic Healing, Cord Cutting, Psychic Surgery, Voice Toning, Light Language, Clairscentience and Clairvoyance, Auric Reading and Channeled information from Higher Dimensions.

I meet you where you are at, whether that be:

  • You are now beginning your journey to awakening and have a calling to learn more about our universe and how we can navigate through these incredibly intense times?
  • You want to unlock your spiritual gifts and need guidance and understanding on how to use them?
  • You want to learn to use your intuition effectively to enhance your entire life?
  • You want to make sense of all the pieces of the puzzle and need help putting them together to see the bigger picture?
  • You have deep knowing that you are here for more and to be more but you don't know what or how? 
  • You want to get to the root of what is holding you back in a stuck pattern so you can step into your fullest potential and realise your dreams?


  • You are well advanced on your journey and seeking guidance for the next level of your awakening?
  • You want to share your gifts and abilities but don't know how to "put yourself out there" 
  • You want to learn how to trust what you are feeling and experiencing and make sense of it?
  • You want to learn how to set energetic boundaries, ground yourself and protect yourself from energy vampires?
  • You want to create a personal brand for yourself with your gifts but need help to navigate through the maze of ideas and information on how to do this?

So wherever you are in your spiritual evolution I meet you exactly where you are and gently guide you through so you can come home to your true divine soul essences. 

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    When a women is empowered and clear on her earthly mission, she creates a golden ripple effect around her that reaches out to the whole multiverse.

    Intuitive Energy Reading